Socialism, globalism and ‘robbery capitalism’

Editor’s note: At the very pinnacle of economic crisis, bestselling author, historian and WND columnist Hanne Nabintu Herland is out with a new book, “New Left Tyranny. The Authoritarian Destruction of Our Way of Life.”

“New Left Tyranny” shows how the neo-Marxist New Left turned their back on historical Western principles and became a destructive authoritarian force. By systematically attacking traditional values and inciting hateful Identity Politics, and abandoning the working class, they created a dysfunctional society characterized by social anarchy, selfishness and a lack of personal responsibility.

Exclusive to WND is this excerpt from “New Left Tyranny,” chapter 7, “Socialism and Globalism.”

When globalism first was introduced in the mid-1980s, we were told that this would lead to the rise of the poor in non-Western countries. The seamstress in India, the factory worker in China, the poor in Africa were to participate globally now, in rising to new economic standards. We were to share our wealth with them.

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In the West, we were told to accept this change as jobs were outsourced to the East, in solidarity with the poor in Asia. The New Left, with its inbred Marxist “workers unite” internationalist attitude instantly pushed heavily in support for globalism. Whoever protested was “a selfish Westerner, chauvinist, racist, ultra nationalist, Nazi, fascist” and, in its routine, the rest of the demonizing slogans designated to eradicate the belief in national sovereignty. I remember that the globalist tendencies were strongly present when I was a student.

The world was about to become the most wonderful utopia if we imported a few million non-Western foreigners to our European countries and taught them our way of life. The general idea was that once these groups of people from all over the world came to us, they would instantly drop their own cultural values and become atheists like us. All the gullible, young socialists hailed globalism, as “world justice” was now to be done and national borders eradicated.

Karl Marx was right in asserting that a new class steadily arises to replace the old bourgeoisie or elite, and it may be argued that the atheist-socialist class has been the most totalitarian in history.

Under socialism’s false flag of protecting the worker, the global socialist structure is achieving the globalist robbery capitalist goal: The people naively believe that they are on the way to prosperity while being robbed from it by their own socialist-capitalist leaders who control the state economy.

In the neo-Marxist ideological environment post World War II, the EU was born in Europe as a steel and coal union. It was funded by the same German capitalists that had dominated Hitler’s Germany. The work towards a Europe with a strong centralized government began.

In many ways, the EU represents a Regional Socialism as opposed to the National Socialism that failed in Germany. If you study the Regional Socialism implemented in the European Union, you will find the same capitalist owners’ corresponding interests with the New Left radical leaders in the EU.

Both National Socialism and now Regional Socialism, sought to control the European region, both bearing in common a radical dislike towards the bourgeoisie and traditional and religious European values.

It could be argued that the aim is for the post-modern socialist state to “take it all” and re-distribute among its wealthy friends. That’s what globalists tend to do, as the political system is easily exploited with the possibility of funding Congress members all the way to the top. In the United States, private corporations may fund the campaign for an individual running for Congress, then have the same person work to amend laws while in office that benefit the same group. The Congressman or woman may also have stocks or shares in the very same companies that funded his or her campaign and buy shares after having worked to amend laws to the benefit of the same corporation. Shortly said, paid for from beginning to end.

Today, it is a worldwide tendency for the neo-Marxist New Left to team up with the 1% richest capitalists in the world, the very same who benefit from globalism by expropriating wealth a variety of sources, among them, the middle-class.

Sixty-two individuals own more than 50% of world assets, according to Oxfam 2016. This is what globalism led to, while the general public was fed with the message of “globalism eradicates poverty.” The exact opposite happened.

The transnational globalist business model works perfectly with socialism or neo-Marxist thinking. The socialist leaders make sure that the people give up all their private rights and then assemble all the national wealth into state systems. The globalist robbery capitalism then pays the politician lavishly, and he funnels billions of state funding – taxpayers money – into whatever the globalist wishes for.

Marxism was at heart internationalist and hoped for borderless societies. The globalist capitalist system also depends on borderless societies, its owners not paying taxes to any nation, free to outsource jobs to wherever the workers are paid less. No responsibility for the working class, the allegiance only to profit.

The large capitalist owners supported Nazism in Germany, and after the war, socialism in Europe. In many ways, the EU represents a regional socialism and the implementation of New Left liberal values.

What Marxists often do not comprehend, as the socialist ideology is religion to them and Karl Marx their God, is that the Capitalist model is not an ideology. It is an economic model. This means that to a Capitalist who hopes to maximize profit, it does not matter whether he works with Marxists, Socialists, or fellow Capitalist – whether Chinese, Japanese or people from Albania. His aim is capital gain or to maximize profit in order to enhance economic growth.

As the Marxist lack knowledge about how the Capitalist model actually works in the market, and only focuses endlessly on the aim of removing the current Capitalist owner and replacing him by the Marxist class, he fails to grasp this point.

A Capitalist would work excellently with the Marxist class. In fact, the Marxist class would become the Capitalist class the very moment they enter his position. The irony being, that since the take-over by the neo-Marxists in the West, this now is the very radical Capitalist class that steers the wheels at Wall Street. The lack of ideology in Capitalism is key.

Of course, this was not the stated aim. Socialism spoke of helping the poor, meeting the needs of the lower classes, and redistributing wealth so that all citizens could live prosperous lives. The ideals just never happened in reality.

Socialism appeals to capitalist owners, maybe even more in the globalist world than before, partly because it is the very best way to control a population while milking the very top state structures economically. If you control the state, you control the economic finances in addition to global dominion of private capital.

The genius stroke of the 2020s socialism is pretending to be for the worker and the lower classes in society, while gathering the power into the hands of the very few, in a radical, atheist state elite who control the economy.

Philosopher Ayn Rand once characterized socialism as a new method of enslaving the population. They are to give up all individual rights, pay up to the state and allow a tiny elitist government leaders and capitalist owners to control everything. It means reimplementing feudalism.

Under socialism’s flag of protecting the worker, state power creates a new elite: The administrators of state funds. Today, the globalist, transnational capitalist system controls precisely this. Access to taxpayer wealth through state control becomes a billion-dollar source that may be allocated.

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