California Sheriff’s Deputy Killed, Another Injured in Ambush in Northern California – Suspect Steven Carrillo Was Captured and Charged with Murder

Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller was killed last night in an ambush attack in northern California.

A second officer was wounded in the attack.

Damon’s wife is pregnant with their second child.

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Police arrested Steven Carrillo was arrested and will face murder charges.

Here is his arrest photo.

The UPI reported:

One sheriff’s office deputy was shot dead and another wounded during an ambush with gunfire and explosives in Santa Cruz in Northern California.

Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, 38, was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead Saturday afternoon, the department posted on Facebook. Sheriff Jim Hart hopes a second unnamed deputy hospitalized is “going to be OK” after being shot or struck by shrapnel and struck by a car as the suspect fled the area.

Steven Carrillo, a resident of Ben Lomond, about 35 miles south of San Jose — where the incident occurred — was apprehended and will face murder charges and additional felony counts. Carrillo was treated at a hospital after being shot. B

Around 1:30 p.m. Saturday, the sheriff’s office received a report of a suspicious van. Guns and bomb making materials were visible inside the van, according to the sheriff’s office.