‘Peaceful Protesters’ Toss Pig Heads at Police in Kansas City

George Floyd protesters in Kansas City tossed pig heads at police this week during their protests.

One head was thrown at police in Kansas City this week.
KMOV reported:

All of the protests have been a strain on police. Most have been stoic on the front lines, but some are opening up about the strain.

They’ve been hit with frozen water bottles, rocks, and even pig heads.

Officers have been screamed at on the front lines for days and it’s something the FOP has addressed with KCTV5, saying that obviously this kind of strain and stress affects you.

And, this will need to be addressed.

KCTV5’s Angie Ricono wanted to warn you that the picture of the pig head is a bit graphic. However, it is real and KCTV5 does think it’s important to not sanitize and downplay what officers are dealing with.

The picture shows what is obviously a pig’s head from a carcass. It was thrown at police on the Plaza. Another was thrown at police headquarters.

The picture was sent to Ricono; it did not come directly from the police. However, they do not deny the authenticity of the photo.

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