Fight the New Drug Calls Out Pornhub For Hypocritical Anti-Racist Claim

Since the death of George Floyd, social media feeds have been crammed full of hashtags and declarations supporting social justice causes.

Now, one organization attempting to join in on the movement has been called out for “knowingly & actively promoting racism.”

On Monday, the anti-pornography nonprofit Fight the New Drug took issue with a Pornhub statement declaring that the pornography website stands against racism.

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“Pornhub stands in solidarity against racism and social injustice,” Pornhub’s Twitter statement read.

WARNING: The following tweet contains sexually graphic language that some readers will find offensive.

Pornhub then encouraged followers to donate to several fundraising groups including the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which has been responsible for bailing Minnesota rioters out of jail.

FTND responded by showing examples of racially offensive material on Pornhub’s website.

“If you’re anti-racism, why do you host the following videos on your site?” a tweet from FTND read.

The organization then listed off a series of offensive video titles, including “Black Slave Punished by White Master,” “White Cops F— Black Chick, Force Boyfriend to Watch,” “Gang Banged by Blacks,” “Skanky N—— gives [oral sex]” and “Black Slave Girl Brutalized.”

FTND followed that tweet up with another claiming that Pornhub is “knowingly & actively promoting racism.”

“You have stated yourself that ‘every video & photo uploaded… is reviewed manually by a large & extensive team of moderators,’” FTND said.

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“That would mean you’re knowingly & actively promoting racism, not to mention child sexual abuse material, revenge porn, etc.”

This is far from the first controversy involving porn sites so far this year.

Should Pornhub be held accountable for its actions?

In January, 22 women won a $12.7 million lawsuit against GirlsDoPorn, a website that deceived and coerced the women into making pornographic films without telling them the images would be posted online.

In March, Pornhub found itself on the chopping block for hosting videos that showed victims of human trafficking, including children, being sexually exploited.

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska asked the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into the site after the allegations were brought to light.

The Western Journal reached out to FTND, but they declined to comment.

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