PA Health Secretary Twists Himself Into a Pretzel Trying to Justify Limitless BLM Protests While Standing by COVID-19 Restrictions For Small Businesses (VIDEO)

Dr. Rachel Levine

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Pennsylvania Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine twisted himself into a pretzel this week trying to justify limitless Black Lives Matter protesters (and rioters) while standing by Coronavirus restrictions for churches and small businesses.

Dr. Levine, who is the first transgender person appointed to a Pennsylvania Cabinet, became secretary of health in 2017.

A reporter asked Dr. Levine about Governor Tom Wolf calling business owners cowards for wanting to open their businesses just a few weeks ago and then marching this week in Harrisburg with Black Lives Matter protesters.

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Dr. Levine actually admitted that the Wolf Administration is not restricting Black Lives Matter protesters because of “significant social issues that people feel that they need to have a voice.”

So only church goers and small business owners are cowards and want to kill grandma if they dare exercise their First Amendment rights. Got that?

Only a select special group of people in Pennsylvania are allowed Constitutional rights.

This is pure Marxism.


Recall, Dr. Rachel Levine admitted last month he moved his own mother out of a senior facility to a hotel while the Coronavirus was sweeping through nursing homes and killing elderly residents.

The Coronavirus is ravaging nursing homes across the US because of deadly Democrat policies of forcing people infected with COVID-19 back into the long-term care facilities.

Dr. Levine however made sure his 95-year-old mother was removed from the death box and transported safely to a hotel.

Feel safer yet?