Bryan Dean Wright BLASTS Defense Secretary Esper for Defying Trump – Allowing MASS ORGANIZED RIOTERS, LOOTERS to Roam and Destroy US Cities (Video)

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper broke with his superior President Trump saying he opposes using the US Military against the violent far left mobs in cities across the United States.

Via WGN — Esper told reporters the Insurrection Act, which would allow Trump to use active-duty military for law enforcement in containing street protests, should be invoked in the United States “only in the most urgent and dire of situations.” He declared, “We are not in one of those situations now.”

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For a week now leftists, looters, thugs and Black Lives Matter have destroyed and torched businesses and government buildings across the country.

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On Thursday night former CIA officer and Democrat Bryan Dean Wright joined Tucker Carlson to discuss Secretary Esper’s opposition to the US President.

Bryan Dean Wright WENT OFF on Esper for REFUSING TO SEE the reality on the ground in dozens of American cities.
The people are under assault.
Our freedoms are under assault.

And Secretary Esper needs to resign if he will not follow the orders of his Commander in Chief!