Watch: ‘Predominantly White’ Crowd in Maryland Takes Oath of Anti-racism

The protest was part of ongoing nationwide demonstrations against the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last week.

Local Fox 5 DC reported:

A compelling moment, before the march, came when everyone in the gathering raised both hands in the air at once (as protesters are often seen doing when they chant, “hand-up don’t shoot”). It was then that the hundreds of protesters, with their both hands raised, repeated an oath not to stay silent about “racism, anti-blackness or violence.”

One of the student protest organizers, a young Black Walt Whitman High School graduate, told FOX 5 DC she was very excited to see the crowd, which she noted was predominately white.

“It means a lot because going to, living in Bethesda, being one of the only Black girls at my school, it’s – I face a lot of ignorance,” said Rachel Adeoti.

Video of the oath went viral on Twitter, with some comparing the spectacle to a “cult”:

The crowd was led in chanting lines such as: “I will love my black neighbors the same as my white ones.”

Elsewhere around the nation, protests were quieter, as the National Guard was called out in 29 states — with President Donald Trump’s encouragement.

The Associated Press reported: “Nation’s streets calmest in days; police credit curfews.”

However, there are still tensions in many cities. In Chicago, for example, police closed highway off-ramps near malls in suburban communities for fear of looting.

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