HOAX? Black Lives Matter Extortion Flyers Posted in Wealthy Houston Neighborhood Threatens ‘Luxury Stores’ With Looting

Flyers were reported posted around the wealthy Houston neighborhood of Highland Village in recent days that threaten residents with looting if they don’t support the Black Lives Matter movement. Highland Village police said they are aware of the flyers.

The Cross Timber Gazette reported on the flyers (excerpt):

…Some residents in the area doubt the flyers’ legitimacy. Highland Village and Flower Mound police said they are working Tuesday to determine who distributed the flyers and if the threat is serious.

The flyers were posted Monday night and/or Tuesday morning in southern Denton County, and they say that the area was specifically targeted because of “the socioeconomic status your town holds.” The looting threat follows…

…Highland Village Police Chief Doug Reim said Tuesday morning that he didn’t know who posted the flyers. He said the QR code on the flyers takes you to a webpage that is “similar” to Black Lives Matter, but isn’t verified. The flyers don’t claim to be from BLM, but they do have a #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. Some believe the threats are fake, and are meant to make protestors look bad…

The text of the flyer reads:

Removing this flier shows the type of person you are.

Hello Highland Village. These fliers are being posted in your area due to the socioeconomic status your town holds. The average household income for Highland Village is $166,243.

If you want your luxury stores to stop being looted, then use your privilege and socioeconomic advantages to amplify and aid the voices of this movement.


Donate to organizations and sign petitions:

TRENDING: Barack Obama to Address Nation on George Floyd Riots (5 p.m. EDT)

Highland Village Police posted a statement Tuesday about a planned protest that mentioned the flyers.

Highland Village Supports Peaceful Protest

Highland Village Police Department is working with a local group that has affiliated itself with the Black Lives Matter group that is organizing a peaceful rally on the outer perimeter of The Shops at Highland Village adjacent to FM 2499 on Tuesday, June 2 at about 5:30 p.m. Highland Village Police will have an increased police presence at the location to ensure the safety of all involved.

We are also aware of the flyers that have been posted throughout the area. The organizer of the rally has said the flyers are not the work of his organization. HVPD and The Shops at Highland Village management are working with the organizer of the event to allow the peaceful rally. Violence or destructive behavior will not be tolerated.

We have had requests to conduct a separate rally in close proximity to the one scheduled to show support of the HVPD. We appreciate the community recognition that our department condemns the actions that led to the death of George Floyd as we continue our prayers for the Floyd family and our nation. As a City, we will continue to support peaceful rallies and as such recommend that they do not organize to compete against each other.

The Highland Village Police Department has used body cameras since 2009. Our officers are committed to community policing with an active involvement with our citizens in our neighborhoods and businesses.

Highland Village is home to high end stores like Apple, Sephora and Lulumon.

PaperCity Magazine reported that many high end stores around Houston and in Highland Village were boarded up with plywood to stave off looters.

…A stroll through River Oaks District early Sunday evening revealed an eerie sight. Hermés, Cartier, Harry Winston, and Dolce & Gabbana were in the process of boarding up. Jo Malone and Dior virtually disappeared in a wall of imposing plywood. John Lobb, Canali and Brunello Cucinelli had emptied their stores of all visible merchandise.

Calls to a number of the merchants went unanswered, messages not returned. The man with Harry Winston, who answered from his post in Dallas, said he could not comment on the situation but the venerable jeweler would remain closed “until further notice.”

The boarding up presented an odd visual as neighboring Toulouse and Le Colonial diners were enjoying dinner despite the slight drizzle that dampened the Floyd activity on Sunday.

Sunday night, as we drove through Highland Village, we found that Apple, Sephora, Lulumon, J Crew, Crate & Barrel and Madewell were secured behind acres of plywood.

Even before looters smashed the windows at Forever 21 in The Galleria on Saturday, Saks Fifth Avenue was moving its handbags, fine jewelry and other merchandise off the floor…