Viral Trump-Hitler Picture Is Wildly Fake, Stills Dupes Leftists

It’s bad enough to push hateful rhetoric when America is already engulfed in chaotic riots.

But when all of that hate is based on a completely fabricated lie? You might be able to guess that it’s being directed at President Donald Trump.

The Hitler” was trending on Twitter on Tuesday after leftists such as actress Debra Messing decided to share a doctored photo of Adolf Hitler holding up a Bible.

The implication was that when Trump holds up a Bible, he is subtly referencing the Nazi leader.

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“A dog whistle to white nationalists and Nazis,” Messing wrote in a caption to the picture.

Thousands of users liked and retweeted her tweet, buying into the lie without question.

Later, it was revealed that the photograph of Hitler was a fake. In the original picture, Hitler was not even holding a Bible.

The picture being spread was so flagrantly misleading that an editor from the progressive site BuzzFeed had to step in to correct it.

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“A lot of people are sharing an image that appears to show Trump and Hitler holding a bible in the same way. The Trump pic is from June 1, but the Hitler pic was photoshopped to add the bible,” Craig Silverman tweeted.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson was among the anti-Trumpers who were duped. She later apologized for posting the picture, blaming her mistake on “too much coffee.”

Even if the photo hadn’t been doctored, comparing the two leaders based on the fact that they both held up Bibles at one point in their lives is an extremely disingenuous stretch. Rather than comparing actual policies, these people seem to be looking for any reason to compare the two.

Is Twitter biased in how it labels false information?

Comparing the Trump administration to Nazis is almost expected at this point. From leftist protesters to media personalities and even a member of Obama’s administration, it seems as though nearly every anti-Trumper has lobbed a Nazi accusation at the president at one time or another.

While Twitter often censors conservative voices such as Trump’s over what it deems “false information,” the social media giant has allowed multiple false accusations such as this one to be spread without any correction, and its employees have even gone as far as to join in on the false accusations.

Posts recently resurfaced of Twitter Head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth claiming that there were “ACTUAL NAZIS IN THE WHITE HOUSE.”

So while Twitter is busy fact-checking the president over debatable topics such as mail-in voter fraud, it seems as though it can’t be bothered to fact-check an actual fake picture created to spread disinformation.

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