Dr. Erickson Warns that Soros Wants Government to Take Over YouTube and Facebook After his Video Is Removed From YouTubefef7ebaabfe632650f5cbac250276268

Last weekend two California doctors of Immunology went on with KERO News 23 in California and made a video disputing the official state coronavirus policy in California.

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi said their facilities have tested over 5,200 patients for the coronavirus throughout the county, making up for over half of all testing in Kern County. According to their data, the death rate of the coronavirus is similar in prevalence to the flu. And they believe only the sick and elderly should be quarantined and that businesses should open. They also revealed that the state of California is pressuring doctors to pad the COVID-19 numbers.

The KERO videos went viral!

We reported on this story on Saturday.

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MUST SEE VIDEO: California Doctors of Immunology Say Only Sick and Elderly Should be Quarantined, Businesses Should Open, and State is Pressuring Drs. to Add COVID-19 Numbers

On Monday night the two California doctors went on The Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham to discuss their expertise and challenge the official state narrative on the coronavirus.

Following their appearance on the show their videos were removed from Google-YouTube!
They did not pass official WHO policy.


On Saturday Dr. Erickson went on FOX News to discuss the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and the tech censorship.
Dr. Erickson warned that George Soros wants the government to take over YouTube and Facebook.

Dr. Erickson: Well, let’s look at what George Soros said about Facebook back in February. He said Mark Zuckerberg should no longer have control of Facebook. Well, YouTube you’re going to be next Soros is going to say that you should no longer have control and government should have control – according to George Soros.

UPDATE— Here is the article Dr. Erickson was referring to.

FOX News host John Scott was silent after that remark.

We all know the far left tech companies are out of control.