Nearly 900 employees at Tyson Indiana pork plant test positive for COVID-198cd9cbdb96229a6511b9e728b0782944

(LONDON DAILY MAIL) Nearly 900 people at a Tyson Foods pork plant in Indiana have tested positive for coronavirus and more than 120 cases have been reported at Triumph Foods beef factory in Missouri.

The latest tally of infections add to what has already become a mounting meat crisis across the United States as dozens of processing plants have closed or reduce production due to COVID-19 outbreaks.

So far, about 20 meat plant workers have died of coronavirus during the pandemic and a further 6,500 have fallen ill.

At the Tyson Food plant in Logansport, Indiana, 890 of the 2,200 workers – about 40 percent of employees – have tested positive for coronavirus in less than a week.

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