China Can No Longer Hide Resurging Virus, Places County on Lockdown

Despite China’s suppression of true COVID-19 numbers, the story coming out of the country was a hopeful one.

The world’s most populous nation was seemingly able to defeat an outbreak that crippled it, proving the novel coronavirus could be controlled. Soon, life in China began to look similar to what it normally did, hinting that by the end of the year, much of the world would be back to normal.

But if there’s one thing China is good at, it’s lying.

It now appears that the communist regime’s draconian quarantine measures, which forced around 700 million people into a lockdown, did not eliminate the Chinese virus from the mainland.

An outbreak in Jia County now has the Chinese government instituting another strict quarantine, a tactic that many likely thought was in the rear-view mirror.

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According to Reuters, county officials announced the move over Chinese social media. While the county is small by Chinese standards — only around 600,000 people — the lockdown proves the situation in the mainland is far from under control.

Of the three confirmed cases discovered there, two were asymptomatic.

The lockdown order comes on the heels of other ominous moves by the government that hint the outbreak isn’t confined to a single county.

Riots, reportedly stemming from Chinese police control over COVID-19 checkpoints, rocked some areas of China days ago.

The shocking amount of civil disobedience, something completely alien to modern Chinese society, underscores the tensions between the rulers and the ruled.

All the while, China was celebrating every step away from the original outbreak. Hundreds of movie theaters, closed during the quarantine, were reopened to much fanfare from Chinese media.

What failed to receive as much airtime was the quiet order to lock down more than 600 of the facilities a short time later.

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Considering the virus can live in the air for hours and on some surfaces for over two weeks, it’s clear that at least one germ was missed during the country’s mass disinfection.

With China’s less-than-stellar record of telling the truth about COVID-19, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As far back as mid-January, experts calculated that the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus in China was around five times greater than the communist party’s official numbers.

Even now, the closing of theaters and a potential second round of quarantines hints that the country is far from ridding itself of COVID-19.

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