DC Churches Will Be Closed Through Easter, But The District is Conveniently Scheduled to Reopen First Day of Ramadan

On Wednesday at 8 pm, the District of Columbia issued a Wireless Emergency Alert through FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System ordering DC residents to stay home until April 24.

The closure is scheduled for just one day short of a month. This will prevent people from going to Easter Sunday services in the district — but they are opening just in time for the first day of the Islamic holiday Ramadan.

Wednesday’s alert began and concluded with “STAY HOME,” in all capital letters.

“STAY HOME. You have a critical role to play in stopping the spread of COVID-19 in DC. Effective at 10 pm tonight (Wednesday, March 25), the District of Columbia will close all non-essential businesses through Friday, April 24. We are depending on you – be a good neighbor, STAY HOME,” the message said.

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It linked to a website that translated the order into multiple languages.

The website also had a list of “essential” businesses that can remain open, as well as “non-essential” ones that are ordered closed.

Though they did not list churches on either businesses that can remain open or those that must close, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser previously said that places of worship are not considered essential.

President Donald Trump, just one day prior to the lock down, said that he was aiming to end social distancing orders prior to Easter and hoped to see churches full. Mayor Bowser apparently had other ideas.

“Wouldn’t it be great to have all the churches full?” Trump asked, while saying Easter Sunday was his target date to end social distancing.

His announcement was met with outrage from the left, furious that he would dare to want people to be able to go to church for Easter services.

It looks like they got their wish. People won’t be able to attend Easter services. Doubtful that we will see them spout the same criticism about people being able to attend Ramadan services at their mosque.