Bruce Arians Says Tom Brady Can ‘Do Everything’ Necessary In His Offense, Praises His Leadership

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians will open up the entire offense to quarterback Tom Brady.

The Bucs sent shockwaves through the NFL after signing the six-time Super Bowl champion, and Arians sounds ready to let him air it out. He also had high praise for his leadership skills. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

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Arians said the following during Tuesday phone call with the press, according to the team’s website:

We looked at everybody that might be available at the quarterback position, obviously really never dreaming that Tom would be available. But if he was, he was going to be our number-one choice, mainly because he can do everything we want to do in our offense. But more than that is his leadership ability that we need in our locker room to get where we want to go.

It certainly wouldn’t make a ton of sense to sign Brady and then limit the offense. When you get a guy like Brady, you have to mold your offense around what fits him best.

You don’t ask him to mold himself to the offense. That’s not why you sign somebody of his caliber. Now, it sounds like Arians is going to let him start slinging it.

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He’s also 100% correct about the leadership aspect. Tom Brady’s leadership is arguably the greatest asset he has.

Brady leads from the front lines, and he’s got the credentials to get people to listen from day one. Given the lack of success for the Bucs over the past several years, it’s a huge change of pace.

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Something tells me fans of the Buccaneers are in for a very fun year.

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