Mason Rudolph’s $50,000 Fine For The Myles Garrett Incident Upheld

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s fine for the Myles Garrett situation has been upheld.

Rudolph was hit with a $50,000 fine by the league for his role in an altercation that involved Garrett hitting him in the head with a helmet. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Yes, somehow getting crushed in your head with your own helmet is a finable offense in the NFL. Unfortunately for Rudolph, he appealed and lost, according to Mike Garafolo.

What an absolute joke. What an absolute joke for the NFL and Roger Goodell. Myles Garrett was 100% responsible for the situation that unfolded this past season.

He was the one who decided to get violent, he was the one who decided to hit Rudolph with a helmet and he should be the only one who should be held responsible.

What did Rudolph do wrong? He didn’t let Garrett sufficiently beat him up before fighting back? Once a guy is on top of you, all bets should be off.

Rudolph doesn’t need a fine. He needs the league to pat him on the back for not just rolling over. The man defended himself and it cost him $50,000.

If you didn’t already think the NFL’s punishments are a joke, then this should erase any doubt.

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